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Sue and Windy's Big Adventure

Waiting for 8 pm to eat in the Slow Food Restaurant, Trattoria ai Monti.
I walked to the art gallery with the special Guggenheim exhibit this afternoon and stopped to ask about 5 people directions along the way Purchased a wine opener in a regular, nontouristy store.
I most enjoyed a Natural Geographic Photographic Exhibition at the gallery. Very humanistic and cultural, really drew me in. Skipped lunch and am sooo ready for the special reveal, LOL, diner!
Used famous name brand clothing as signposts on my walking tour today. Pass Stephanel, turn right at MaxMara.

Windy and I walked to the Coleseum and vicinity later today.

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April 16:Arrive at the Napolean Hotel. I crash and Windy hangs with 2 British women in the lounge.

April 17: The bus station, finding Eurail Pass line then local bus line and off to the Pantheon. Lunch for me is gelato twice and finishing Windy's octopus ensalada...yummy. Some window shopping ala Rick Steves then back to hotel. We crash then I solo to diner at a Pizzeria recommended by Trip Advisor. Italian pizza is not my thing.

Hard time sleeping. Windy gets up very early to call her boyfriend and visit The Vatican. I'm staying local to the hotel today...a slow Roma day.

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